Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm in Dilemma

pretty much like that...
 I'm sure everybody hates to be in dilemma... We just can't decide which one to choose, which one not to choose,which one that you will never regret choosing or the one you will regret not choosing... GOSH!

My case, its not bout choosing which girl to pick to be my girlfriend or to get laid with, its not bout choosing which subject to study later, no! not bout choosing what freakin time to be emo infront of Sarath!! no laa dammit, not bout choosing to be normal or being a gay... Its rather simple but, really, I've been crackin my head thinking which one to choose,there you go... (p/s: if you see me emo,its not rili like what you're thinking, I'm wondering which phone to choose)

Its between a famous legendary brand technology from Finland called Nokia X6, and, the hi-tech latest gadget that you can do almost anything other than ringing up your friends, or hanging up on your blady annoying little junior friend that bugs you bout his Nokia 3310, the Apple iPhone 3G s...Yeah,most of you probably thinking that I'm an idiot, the latest gadget from Apple is the iPad,not the iPhone 3G s...What I'm trying to say is about the latest phone from Apple, you don't expect me to compare a Nokia handphone with an iPad, why compare a phone to a pad? its like comparing your underwear with those pads... you know? those pads? Kotex, Sofy, and what summore Deisi? you pro in this right? (*evil laugh like mojo jojo in powerpuff girls*)

Craps aside... owhkay... I've been surveying bout this two phones...Lemme start off with the Nokia X6... The gewd thing bout this phone is,its Nokia... a trustworthy brand, a brand that created a phone that you can kill dogs by throwing it at their head,(Nokia 3310)... Well basically Nokia are easy to use, simple, has quality, and its Asian (hell yea)... It has a 5.0 mega pixel Carl Zeiss optic camera with auto focus and dual LED flashlight (unfortunately not xenon flash). 3.2 inch touch screen, 3G, WiFi/WLAN, and what else? It's Xpress Music phone, so I'm pretty sure the sound system and the speakers are tip top...

AND! for Apple iPhone 3Gs,3G, WiFi/WLAN, 3.5 inch touch screen, it has a 3.0 mega pixel camera, without any flash lights,they claimed that it is auto focus,but when I watch the video review,you gotta tap on the area that you wanna focus,then it will focus on which object you wanna focus on... Is that really auto? And I heard from my friends that there is no more jailbreak for iPhone, which means I gotta purchase the app that I want which is not cheap and hence its not cool anymore... furthermore,iPhone is totally useless without internet, that's a pain in the ass too, I don't really browse the net using my phone,and if I do,Maxis or DiGi sure will vacuum up my credits... Erm, looks like there is more disadvantages than advantages for this phone... dew! 

Reason why I choose between these two is because... X6 is the only cool touch screen phone by Nokia,other than N97, N97 is just too,businessman-like for me... It's good coz it has qwerty keypads just in case the screen freakin spoiled,but ain't my type though... the other touch screen phones by Nokia, errrrr... Not as nice as the X6,sure laa,new phone mah kanineh... iPhone, its because there is so MANY stoopid fun apps to play with! I'm so friggin bored, my phone is so friggin quiet like a blady dumb AKU (Alat Kurang Upaya) so with the iPhone, I can entertain myself and eventually be an OKU (Otak Kuah Udang) or just, otak udang...

Feel free to leave some comments on which phone I should choose... DON'T give stoopid reasons like "iPhone! coz I like it!" I blady kick your phone, You expect me to choose a phone just because you like it? LOL I'm so rude at times

Thanks for those who actually spent their time reading this post... appreciate it...  I think I write more craps than straight to the points... hehehe~

clash of the gadgets~
Apple iPhone 3Gs VS Nokia X6
in case y'all dunno wtf are those xD

"nampak ketarakah dilemma di wajahku?"

see, even Ganesh is in dilemma...
Panties or Pads?
Both start with 'P' and end with 'S'!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hanging out with the Machas!

Its been quite a long time since I hang out with my buddies to have fun, talk crap and do random stuffs...
One of my close friend, Pravind, is back from ALAM (Akademi Laut Malaysia) then tonight we lepak with him laa,apa lagi???? went to mamak, talk crap for quite a long time, kutuk here kutuk there... wanna lepak with them sure must be mentally ready, if not habis laa... hahaha... pravind kene bedek teruk tonight,sejarah hitam kisah chenta monyet... hehehe... after lepak at mamak,tukar port pulak... go somewhere dark pulak daa... bukan nak beromen,sajer bwat bodow... hehehe... talk cock talk cock,suddenly dunno who the fwack suggest to race... MyVi 1.3 bikin versus Gen - 2 1.6 standard... of coz I'm out, Kancil oni laa, where can race,stock pulak tuu... cakap byk pown no use... watch the video and see the pictures~

Yogen caught in action! nose picking xD

another guy digging gold xD

poyo giler...!


the winner of the race! myvi 1.3!
calling the bakal PM Malaysia

wanna race but no car =(

clash of the peroduas~

the 5th nasik lemak... I'm just kiddin xD

1st race... 

nothin much

2nd race... 

the winner and the loser... hehehe

SO SORRY for the videos which are not clear and is very dark,wat to do,my fon camera noob... no money buy hi tech one... hehehe... walaa~ MyVi 1.3 bikin WON!!!!! pity Gen-2,pity my friend Amirul... malu nak mampos daa... hehehe