Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hanging out with the Machas!

Its been quite a long time since I hang out with my buddies to have fun, talk crap and do random stuffs...
One of my close friend, Pravind, is back from ALAM (Akademi Laut Malaysia) then tonight we lepak with him laa,apa lagi???? went to mamak, talk crap for quite a long time, kutuk here kutuk there... wanna lepak with them sure must be mentally ready, if not habis laa... hahaha... pravind kene bedek teruk tonight,sejarah hitam kisah chenta monyet... hehehe... after lepak at mamak,tukar port pulak... go somewhere dark pulak daa... bukan nak beromen,sajer bwat bodow... hehehe... talk cock talk cock,suddenly dunno who the fwack suggest to race... MyVi 1.3 bikin versus Gen - 2 1.6 standard... of coz I'm out, Kancil oni laa, where can race,stock pulak tuu... cakap byk pown no use... watch the video and see the pictures~

Yogen caught in action! nose picking xD

another guy digging gold xD

poyo giler...!


the winner of the race! myvi 1.3!
calling the bakal PM Malaysia

wanna race but no car =(

clash of the peroduas~

the 5th nasik lemak... I'm just kiddin xD

1st race... 

nothin much

2nd race... 

the winner and the loser... hehehe

SO SORRY for the videos which are not clear and is very dark,wat to do,my fon camera noob... no money buy hi tech one... hehehe... walaa~ MyVi 1.3 bikin WON!!!!! pity Gen-2,pity my friend Amirul... malu nak mampos daa... hehehe

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