Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Doraemon...wait... FINALE???!!!!

I assume that all of you know wat the heck is Doraemon... No, not the fat kid you used to tease and make fun of... No, not an italy cuisine... Well, Doraemon is a popular manga series in Japan (and now almost evrywhere,i think) created by the Fujiko Fujio duo... Its about a (cute fat) robotic cat (named Doraemon) from the 22nd century was sent back in time to help a schoolboy named Nobita Nobi... I've been reading this manga since childhood and I love it very much, all i know then was, this series is sooooooo freakin long... 40 over volumes, and it has no ending, coz Fujiko F. Fujio died in 1996...


My friend posted a video on facebook, and its Doraemon's finale... It's touching and the author really knows how to end this manga well... Unfortunately, its UNOFFICIAL!!!!... knn, its a fan made,but its a very well made 1... Well,there's a couple more versions of it's finale and it sucked completely like a vaccuum cleaner suckin some dust, *zuuuup* there goes,gone,just like that,nobody wants to know or even see it...Imagine,it sucked until fans of Doraemon (excluding me) staged a protest outside of the headquarters of the publisher or some sort of crap, this is only a suggestion though,lucky they didn't publish the copy or else I'm afraid the world might end before 2012 due to Doraemon's fans go on a rampage killing evrything in their path because they can't except the fact that the manga they once loved turns out to be CRAP in the end (Even I would go on a rampage,eating evrything edible,mwahaha!! *hits tummy* )

Well,I'm happy to see this finale and i liked this version,i mean the version does makes sense 1...
the finale manga cover (unofficial tho):

now,if you're interested,or if you're a doraemon fan but dunno bout this ending (like me =.=''')
you can just watch the video or read the manga:

WARNING: may cause teary eyes, and may cause serious emo breakdown/sadness for those too sissy,touching giler babi fellas xD

Owhkay, now I'ma go n make MY own version of Doraemon's finale.... muehehe~

owh! those kiut kittehs!!!
Doraemon iz for real! xD