Wednesday, January 26, 2011


No, not that quickie you perverto!

Okay, so you loyal readers of my blog have been bored to death cause this blog didn't update for quite awhile liao huh??So, Imma update you guys with a lil typical blog entry. Sorry laa, once I was a jobless lazy ass, now busy with work liao. Yep! I got work liao. As a promoter in The Store. You walk in to that 3rd floor sell shirt and pants one, the most lazy ass langsi lookin' guy with the hair spikes high up like the future 100 storeys mega tower, Menara Warisan (a.k.a Najib's dick), that's me. The (so called) langsi tanned guy who looks like Malay but can speak Canton.

I got very butthurt and rejoice at the same time sometimes when customer look at me with the WTF face when I speak Chinese BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Customer A: eyh, this shirt nice laa, (in canton)
Customer B: nice meh? kanasai like tat, expensive somemore (in canton)
Me: erm, this one all got discount uncle. (in canton)

Customer A & B: o.0??!!!! wtf are u? chinese school?
Me: lim peh si teng lang mah haiyow...


Me: Hell yea I am. an jua? am kan liao ar? hehehehe
Customer B: Okay.

Something like that laa.

I don't mind working at this sopormarket, but for I dunno what stoooooopid reason, most of them don't like my promoter, and my brand. My promoter is kind to me though, she's friendly, funny, biasa laa Librans sure ngam with anybody one. So, automatically they all also dislike me just because I work for that brand. WOW! I didn't know that aunties here still acts like a 17 year old bitch. Maybe cause all their part time workers are 17 - 20 of age, secara tidak langsung they also forget they old liao and supposed to be a lil bit matured?

aunties, never too old for bitchy games in life.

There's a lot of drama goin on in the department where I'm workin, now I see how tough some people's life may be, how mean some people are, and how come in every part in this world where you go, there's always some douchebag tryna pull you down and make you butthurt kao kao. So far so good I heard people gossip til I got nickname liao, dunno wtf they call me, my guess is "langsi", "hak min san", "fei zai", "hak guai" or somethin like that (LOL)

This quickie update kinda getting long liao, so I'm gonna end this typical blog post of mine now. Thanks for reading, You're welcome for LOL-ing. Sorry for the long butthurting post. I love you. I seriously do.

p/s: some couples are just too in love they started to do something in the fitting room, as a troller, I just couldn't leave them alone. So yea, I disturb the hell out of their stiming process... LOLOLOLOL!

Monday, January 17, 2011

It Happens

I've experienced the same exact thing.

p/s: I swear to God people who gives me =.=''' sign is non other than biliebers.

Transform, and Troll Out!

p/s: hahaha goodluck, lancer owners xD

source: Blog Serius

Friday, January 14, 2011

Facebook Faker Failed

As a jobless man, I sit infront of the computer 24/7 looking for interesting facts, bullshits, lengloi, trolling Justin Bieber's page and so on.

Well, last week, got one lengloi add me in facebook. She very damn si pek pretty. Her pictures are too much for a 18 year old girl living in kL. So, as the same as every hamsap lou out there, I approve her liao. But then I very curious, why would a pretty girl who looks like she can whack the Gucci owner come and add me, and my sohai looking friends in facebook? So, I decided to be the cyber Sherlock Holmes.

click on the image to enlarge it

After investigating, I found something interesting.

click on the image to enlarge it


I knew it! bahaha!! And for all the people that she convinced with flying colours to trust thats the real her, 


Sigh, I don't understand why some people felt ugly bout themselves and tried to get all the attention from other people's photos etc. Fake profile, fake friends, living in a fake world. I pity you.

p/s: “Nobody loves a woman because she is handsome or ugly, stupid or intelligent. We love because we love.”

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Macho Breakup Songs

Breaking up with your shitty girlfriend is very awesome! But when you are shitty and your partner is breakin' up withcu, then that's a serious butthurt, you felt like doing nothing, reminiscing the good ol' moments you two shared together, wasting time wondering why the butt your partner leaves your smelly ass behind and go for other ass that smells like Christian Dior, thinking WTF went wrong.

Most of us would just lay back, listen to those emo break up songs which only makes it worse sometimes makes you feel better. Even if you're a tough guy, a quarterback, macho man or anythin with the same species, it sure gonna hurt you like hell when your partner left you. So, in order to maintain your macho image, here's some nice songs for you to listen when you got your ass kicked away from the "relation ship"

Butterfinggers - Cuai

So, you think you cool like RM1.70 punyer slurpee, you listen to indie, when u break up liao, you still wanna maintain your coolness and don't wanna melt like slurpee, this is the perfect song.

The Strokes - Between Love and Hate

You're chill rocker, another indie song, you think you can handle everything with your coolness, this song is not too overdose of rock like KISS or very pussy-ish like bieber...

My Chemical Romance - Famous Last Words

You're a rocker!! you are very badass like the red ass monkey, you feel like shouting out loud like tarzan kene kejar dengan lembu Pak Mat, You feel very bo song, like wanna break a door but you can't 'cause your mom gonna stab you and your dad is gonna call you to sleep on your broken door

Good Charlotte - I Don't Wanna Be In Love

ROCKER!!! (refer to the statement for the song MCR- Famous Last Words)

Oasis - Wonderwall

You're cool, chill, no need to shout, no need to cry, you just... slurpee cool...

Green Day - Good Riddance

You're the slurpee, so cold when you break up liao you still can chill...

Too bad I'm not macho and I fucking cried and weep like a fag when my ass got kicked from the ship named relation almost a year ago. Since then, I got this strange trauma liao, LULZ! Well, I layan this song jer laa

Daft Punk - Something About Us

Short lyrics, deep meaning, peaceful music... total winrar

p/s: we're just too young to sacrifice the whole jungle just for one stoopid tree...

Post inspired by FOA

Friday, January 7, 2011

If Dragon Ball are for Real

Ever tried to imagine what is it like if the characters of Dragon Ball Z were real?? Here it is... damn realistic version of Dragon Ball...



Garlic Jr., King Piccolo, Dr. Gero
Frieza, Cell, Fat Buu

Master Roshi (ok laa, not soo realistic laa this 1)

Owhkayy laa, well maybe, not that realistic afterall... but.

Piccolo and Mai (?)

(supposed to be) Goku
Its much more better than these pictures above...from Dragonball Evolution (more like a retardation)


Monday, January 3, 2011


p/s: lack of sense of humour, I demand more!!!!

When Dragon Ball meets Street Fighter...

Epicness + LOLness

No need to describe anything when two of the most famous fighting character dressed up as another famous fighting character... Wait, did I just described it??  

Android 18 as Chun Li

Picollo as Bison

Krillin as Dhalsim

Son Goku as Akuma

It kinda Phailed and Win at the same time...

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Anime Hair Phail

Animes are famous for their hentai colourful epic badass catchy hairstyles, other than their badass storyline, I dunno what else for me to follow an anime series. 

I didn't really watch lotsa animes like some of you lifeless otaku does. So, here are some ridiculous, stoopid lookin, crazy anime hairstyles of the animes I've watch/saw... What do you think?

Fatass from Naruto (forgot his name liao)

Yami Yugi from Yu-Gi-Oh!

Ren from Shaman King

Honda from Yu-Gi-Oh!

Kenpachi from Bleach
Foxy from One Piece

Kai from Beyblade

Teenage Mimi from Digimon Adventures
Tai from Digimon Adventures

Well, I malas wanna find more phail anime hair pics liao. That's all folks =D

EPIC WINRAR!!!!!! Don't you ever question a Saiyan's hair or you'll be blasted off to bits with a blady KameHameHA!!!!!!!

p/s: I fell in love with Dragon Ball since I was around 7, best manga ever. Thanks to Akira Toriyama!


Are you the same too??

p/s: someone/something please come n brighten up my lifeless life!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011