Friday, December 31, 2010

F**k off, 2010

Finally the pathetic year has come to an end... 2010 has been a very bad year if you asked me, I had lotsa problems with myself, my family, friends having problems too... Let's take a look at WTF happened to teh world in the year 2010...

An 8.8-magnitude earthquake occurs in Chile, triggering a tsunami over the Pacific and killing 497..

The ROKS Cheonan, a South Korean Navy ship carrying 104 personnel, sinks off the country's west coast, killing 46. In May, an independent investigation blames North Korea, which denies the allegations

 A 6.9-magnitude earthquake occurs in Qinghai, China, killing at least 2,000 and injuring more than 10,000

Volcanic ash from one of several eruptions beneath Eyjafjallaj√∂kull (can anyone pronounce that efffin name?), an ice cap in Iceland, begins to disrupt air traffic across northern and western Europe

The Deepwater Horizon oil platform explodes in the Gulf of Mexico, killing eleven workers. The resulting oil spill, one of the largest in history

Afriqiyah Airways Flight 771 crashes at runway at Tripoli International Airport in Libya, killing 103 of the 104 people on board

Protests in Bangkok, Thailand ends with a bloody military crackdown, killing 91 and more than 2,100 injured

Nine activists are killed in a clash with soldiers when Israeli Navy forces raid and capture a flotilla of ships attempting to break the Gaza blockade

Thirty-three miners near Copiap√≥, Chile, trapped 700 metres underground in a mining accident,are brought back to the surface after surviving for a record 69 days

A stampede during Bon Om Thook (Khmer Water Festival) celebrations in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, kills 347

North Korea shells Yeonpyeong Island, prompting a military response by South Korea. The incident caused an escalation of tension on the Korean Peninsula and prompted widespread international condemnation

Former Ketua Menteri of Penang, Lim chong eu passed away.

Justin Bibir won the AMA awards... (SHIET!!!)

My close buddy passed away... haiz...


That's why 2010 should eff off... hahahahahahaha!

So that's all I guess... hope 2011 will be a better year... 

Happy new year, (and new decade) to all of my readers, hope y'all will be successful in anything you do, have great health, wealth, breath, and... -and anything you like to add your own here laa

source: Wikipedia, Google

p/s: evryone's first word from their mouth in this new year was "happy new year" and stuffs, well I've fucked that up, mine was "shiet?! msg sending failed?!" -just for teh LULZ-

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