Sunday, October 10, 2010

10/10/10 jackpot?!

Our Earth hit the jackpot!!!! 10/10/10!!! billions n billions of gold will pour out from the Earth's core, start digging everybody!!!!

Sometimes stoopidity like that makes people laugh, or at least I annoyed some of you guys, lol.

So, everyone is talking bout this 101010 thingy, like, "happy 10/10/10" "101010, lucky day!" "101010 in roman is XXX, porno day!"  and I believe that most of you guys think that this is a special day in history. But, just WHAT THE FUCK is this 10/10/10? 

Somebody out there might just say:
"It's just a normal day! I wake up, I eat, I fart, I live my life the same way like any other day! diz iz bullcrap!"

well, I guess somebody's wrong... If y'all don't know, 10th October 2010 is A Global Day of Doing...

Whut iz zat?! 
10:10 is helping to coordinate10:10:10, the biggest-ever day of positive action on climate change,thousands of people will take simple steps to reduce their emissions, cutting carbon and sending a powerful message to world leaders that people everywhere are ready to tackle climate change.

SO! now you know what in the world that is so special in this date, hope y'all can make a change on this world as well. Owh look, its almost 12am, means its gonna be 111010! Don't worry, its never too late to make a change for a better Earth, better late than never =D

p/s: there's a group in FB which is named "10/10/10 special day! only occurs once in 1000 years!"
the creator is as stoopid as a blady red ass chimp! it occurs once every 100 years! its simple maths! 
and some of you believed that it comes once every 1000 years... WTF???!!!!

and I do wonder what people do back then in 1910, 1810, 1710 and better, 10/10/1010...

for crappy mathematics...
for more info on A global Day of Doing, click here.

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