Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Valentino deyh?

Happy Valentine's day to all the cute and very matching couples out there! I hope y'all get through every obstacles in your love life and will end up getting married =D

It's Valentine's day and every boy butthurt because they need to buy gifts for their loved ones kononnyer to express their love (PUIK!) Some girls have very high expectations on this day, some not (bravo!) and some girls even bought something for their boyfie (bravo²!) and you know what? There's this campaign held by students which sounds pretty ridiculous to me. On Valentine's day, girls are asked not to wear their panties, its expressing their love in a very personal way, they say (WTFBANGANGNYER!) Well, maybe I'm not that romantic romeo kinda person. Anyways, full article bout the weird campaign is here.

Another thing about Valentine's day, I feel its very funny to see how depressed some people might get because they no partner to celebrate Valentine with. "FUCK VALENTINE! ME NO PARTNER!" "NO VALENTINE! IMSOLONELY!" "(and many more examples you can imagine yourself)". I mean, c'mon, celebrating alone ain't that bad afterall        righ....t?  ....... *manly tears*
Don't get so butthurt, solo losers, we'll find ours one day, one day we'll celebrate Valentine's and another day we'll fuckin feel stoopid to celebrate it (LOL)

And there's a story bout this 14th of February. St. Valentine died on  this date, so we're kinda celebrating his death indirectly, thats why it is forbidden for Muslims to celebrate Valentine's day. So please, don't condemn those malays, its not about race, its about religion. I dunno how true is this, but if the Holy Quran states that its forbidden to celebrate it, then I believe.

Why only on Valentine's boys must guy something for their girl? Why must there be one certain date for couples to celebrate their togetherness? Sorry for being stoopid, I just don't understand. Valentine is everyday. My love for the future her is everyday, not only on Valentine's day. You see, its kinda stoopid, but if a girl fuckin sulk because their boyfie no buy any gift for her, then guys, you might as well dump her. I don't think she would mind if you no buy any gift for her, as long as you care and love her everyday, I guess that's enough. (but yes, I know thats in the 50's. that's called romantic. in the 2010's, romantic is a whole different story liao)

Actually there is more for me to write, but I forget wanna write what liao, because when I was writing this halfway, my house area suddenly black out, then I freak out, then I go out, then I forget what to write. Yes, I'm that forgetful kinda oldfag, cause I didn't eat much fish. So kids! Eat your veggies! (its a lame joke, bear with me and laugh okay?)

p/s: Love? seriously? what you know bout love? its not bout giving gifts and make you feel good, its more than that, its more than you know you gotta do, will you sacrifice for love? will you rather live poor with the ones you love? how to love? I dunno. The expectation is too high.

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