Monday, December 21, 2009


Owhkay... now I'm sooooo into diz game DotA (Defence of the Ancients)... it's a real time strategy (RTS) game consisting two teams, the Sentinels, and Scourge... Each team consist of 5 players, and each player uses a powerful unit known as heroes assisted with AI controlled fighters called "creeps"... The mission is to destroy the enemy's Ancient (it's not as easy as u tink)... yeps,players need to level up their heroes and buy items during the mission... owhkay,crappin bout DotA ends here xP

at 1st I hate this game soooo damn much coz it's so f-ing bowink (coz I get pwned the most everytime I play) and always get screwed by teammates if i get pwned... Everytime i go cc with my frens,they sure play this game, so after i got nothin else to play in cc, I decided to play this (altho I noe I sure get pwned kao kao) and now I'm LOVING it!!!! Now I'm playin this game like.......EVERYDAY!!! Damn I gotta stop it when my holidays are over, thinkin bout next year just makes me sick... gonna face blady STPM... aaaaAAAAAaaaaaarrrrgh!!!!! (hysteria)

*GEDEBUK!!!* (fainted)

DotA gameplay

N'aix, that's a hero...

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