Sunday, March 28, 2010


It was raining heavy,loud thunders,sexy lightnings (Zeus must be havin fun up there)... I'm sitting on the sofa,in my house,chilling,watching T.V with a bowl of pudding on my hand stuffing it into my mouth *gulp* travels into my stomach and for the next few hours to the toilet bowl thru my ass... While I was enjoying watching the television and being a couch potato, *zuss* I saw something...
something dirty, nasty, fugly, scary, not sexy, flew pass the television... WHUT WAS THAT??!?!!! I rushed to the back... No laa,not to hide... I took something deadly, and shiny... I took aim... slowly I walk towards that thing... I'm getting nearer, and nearer, and nearer...And closer, and closer....


Ah ha!!! DEAD!!! It's DEAD!!! muuuwaaaahahahahahahahahaha!!! My evil laugh followed by the thunder and lightning in the sky scared the shit out of the friendly neighbourhood... (not rili) 

Continued watching television like nothing happened... I know... This post is rather stoopid...


"plz tell my wife n kids i love em"


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