Thursday, March 25, 2010

Whut are they thinking??

Something rather nasty happened in my class today... well,not that bad but I feel like an idiot being in that class,seriously...


The bell goes off and *pooof* my maths 2 teacher steps into the class... He's very punctual,but he's a pervert... keep that aside tho... It begins like this... As usual,he teaches,and we all listen,for a moment I thought it was like that,but when I turn my handsome face back... "whut the fwack..." all the girls doin their own stuffs,their physics tutorial, maths 1 homeworks,and bla bla bla... only 3 boys "paying attention" to him,yeps,listening whut he says but nothin goes in mind... hey,at least I respect him owhkay?!

So,the ladies claimed that the teacher teaches wrongly... If he do mistake,tell it out laa, what for sitting down quietly doing your own thing and boycott him... geez... So the teacher gets mad,pissed,du lan and don't wanna teach ady,he sits quietly doing his own work on the table... merajuk ler tuu...

And when the teacher stops teaching... the class started to make noise... the one sleeping beside me can talk so loud all out of a sudden,he don't feel sleepy anymore == the girls can talk bout going for a trip after the exams, birthday parties, bra size, panty liner, which pad are they using (nah, I'm just kiddin bout those bra panty thingy)


First question... where did they install their brains?
Second... Where is their respect towards the teacher?
Third... Why they are so arrogant?
Fourth... Why are they acting like pure bitches?!
Fifth... Why people who acts like a bitch can't tolerate?!!!!

I don't know~

I don't hate my classmates, but at times I think they are acting a lil too much tho...
I'm not a gewd student myself,altho they ignore the teacher but their grades are still better than mine... So, I don't think I got the rights to screw them,I'm just askin questions and are curious why they acted like that... Don't get me wrong... I am NOT screwing them...

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