Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hanging out in the kebun!!

Today after MUET speaking test, Mirul, Sarath, Yogen, WoonFong and me went to Sarath's house to have some fun... We went behind Sarath's house, there's a kebun there, yea, like jungle... went quite deep inside there, just to lepak minum air kelapa... sounds ridiculous, but yea, we did it just to have fun and its really fun... for those who live in the city or town that cannot tahan nyamuks and long grass, sure will complain a lot, kehkehkeh... I've never cut open a coconut to drink its water before, this is my first time, and experience is something I would like to gain... muahaha, now I can go tell my children "last time when I was your age, I cut coconut my ownself,there is no robot to extract any juice for you just like that" BAHAHAHA!!! sounds like a grampy typical old lad huh? 

highway to kebon

"now do i poke it? or cut it? slash? errrr"

"no matter whether cut poke or boil, as long as i can drink,muehehe"

pergh~ stim~~


Sarath the wild boar hunter...

he's enjoyin it

now wat the heck


Sarath si COMEY!!

terkentot lak....

gulp gulp

Had a lot of fun with them... I love y'all... mwahahaha!!!

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