Wednesday, January 26, 2011


No, not that quickie you perverto!

Okay, so you loyal readers of my blog have been bored to death cause this blog didn't update for quite awhile liao huh??So, Imma update you guys with a lil typical blog entry. Sorry laa, once I was a jobless lazy ass, now busy with work liao. Yep! I got work liao. As a promoter in The Store. You walk in to that 3rd floor sell shirt and pants one, the most lazy ass langsi lookin' guy with the hair spikes high up like the future 100 storeys mega tower, Menara Warisan (a.k.a Najib's dick), that's me. The (so called) langsi tanned guy who looks like Malay but can speak Canton.

I got very butthurt and rejoice at the same time sometimes when customer look at me with the WTF face when I speak Chinese BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Customer A: eyh, this shirt nice laa, (in canton)
Customer B: nice meh? kanasai like tat, expensive somemore (in canton)
Me: erm, this one all got discount uncle. (in canton)

Customer A & B: o.0??!!!! wtf are u? chinese school?
Me: lim peh si teng lang mah haiyow...


Me: Hell yea I am. an jua? am kan liao ar? hehehehe
Customer B: Okay.

Something like that laa.

I don't mind working at this sopormarket, but for I dunno what stoooooopid reason, most of them don't like my promoter, and my brand. My promoter is kind to me though, she's friendly, funny, biasa laa Librans sure ngam with anybody one. So, automatically they all also dislike me just because I work for that brand. WOW! I didn't know that aunties here still acts like a 17 year old bitch. Maybe cause all their part time workers are 17 - 20 of age, secara tidak langsung they also forget they old liao and supposed to be a lil bit matured?

aunties, never too old for bitchy games in life.

There's a lot of drama goin on in the department where I'm workin, now I see how tough some people's life may be, how mean some people are, and how come in every part in this world where you go, there's always some douchebag tryna pull you down and make you butthurt kao kao. So far so good I heard people gossip til I got nickname liao, dunno wtf they call me, my guess is "langsi", "hak min san", "fei zai", "hak guai" or somethin like that (LOL)

This quickie update kinda getting long liao, so I'm gonna end this typical blog post of mine now. Thanks for reading, You're welcome for LOL-ing. Sorry for the long butthurting post. I love you. I seriously do.

p/s: some couples are just too in love they started to do something in the fitting room, as a troller, I just couldn't leave them alone. So yea, I disturb the hell out of their stiming process... LOLOLOLOL!


zyinw ty said...

just work for few days got nicknames ady XD
one day each XD
btw, i don't think your brand is that teruk lar...quite cool the name :D

LaQToN said...

ya laa... u dunno the ppl there, very terok n biadap 1... especially the ones in john master...
thx for not tinking my brand terok xD lulz, the name quite kewl but all the aunty uncle nvr heard of this brand b4... sad case... T^T

Anonymous said...

which brand wor? damn funny la this post! hehe xD

LaQToN said...

the brand is called Hardy Amies. funny? thanks a bunch... i like to make people laugh xD