Tuesday, January 12, 2010

bad luck? no luck?

Owhkay,diz happened last week,and i'm too busy or lazy to update my blog so...that's why my blog iz like a dead blog diz few days... WHAT happened last week?

Well,as usual i was riding my bike to school with Yong Sing behind me and after we passed by Bandar Baru traffic light,there's a corner,so i kinda wanna corner maut, but suddenly my bike kinda like drifted,well not exactly but you get the idea don't you? so, it scared the sperm out of Yong Sing and i guessed it right... a fuckin flat tyre... ride slowly like a tortoise all the way to the nearest petrol station in town, and pump air in it... but my tyre's tube's life iz very fatal,the rate of air flow flowing out is very fast (chewaa)... so,pity Yong Sing,gotta walk all the way to school,while me riding a bike so slow like an idiot =.='''

I wouldn't say that it's bad luck,its just no luck... haizz,flat tyre means gotta spend money again,and this is the 5th time my bike had a flat tyre... I'm soooooo gonna change to tubeless tyres... WARGH!!!!!

my bike under foot surgery... haizz...

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