Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Big Screen + PopCorns = huLALaa~

It's already 2010 and its time to wait for new movie to watch with your loved ones (or friends will do it) in cinemas near you... well,this is my MUST WATCH movie list... movies that will or MAYBE will be available in Malaysia... Its not 100% confirmed that these movies will be available here so...


How To Train Your Dragon
genre: action/animation/fantasy
release date: 26 march

Ironman 2
Genre: action/sci fi/super hero/kick ass
release date: 7 May

Prince Of Persia
Genre: action/adventure/romance/drama
Release date: 28 May (wtf, the pic says 2oo9?)

Toy Story 3
Genre: animation/adventure/comedy/family
release date: 18 June

AVATAR: The Last Airbender
genre: adventure/family/fantasy
release date: 2 July

King Of Fighters
genre: action/sci-fi
release date: unknown

Magneto (X-Men)
Genre: action/fantasy/sci-fi/superhero
release date: unknown

Ong Bak 3 (Thai)
Genre: action
release date: unknown

That's all for now I guess...I hope there is more nice movies coming out... There is a lot of movies coming out this year,but these are the fews that I think I'll enjoy watchin it... muwahahaha


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