Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Kawan Birthday

This happened on 21st January night,my friends plan wanna celebrate Nuramirul punya bezday,but laz2 my gal pulak planning wat to do all xD...Well,his bezday is actually on the 22nd,but on tat day he busy,biasa laa,budak politik mah... so we just bought a cake and take him go karok... he loves to sing so... yeah he sang like a rockstar a.k.a bintang batu that night... nothin much to describe tho... as usual... the pictures explains it all...


the "apa lanjiao?" face

me with bday boy

me gal with bday boy

zyin with bday boy

sarath wanted to eat that mic...

doggy style? froggy style? u name it,they do it xD

me n me gal... love her forever <3

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